Hippy at Heart Eclectic - a curated vintage apparel selection of pieces that stand out from the ordinary. These aren't clothes that you will find on the shelves at Goodwill and they don't suit everyone's taste. From a young age, my "what are you wearing??" fashion sense is how I've always tried to dress myself. Opinions never bothered me. I don't want to dress like you (no offense). With that in mind, the goal with Eclectic is to share my unusual taste through a variety of vintage items that have caught my eye. Every item available for purchase is intended to stand out and make people feel some type of way. HAH is unique in itself and if you're reading this, you've already noticed. Eclectic takes that same mindset and applies an even more idiosyncratic approach to a variety of gently-used and new, never-worn vintage apparel.

- Brandon Moon

Creative Director - Hippy at Heart Clothing